Jonny Ollivier

I love every picture I have ever taken of Jonny.

Some may say I have an over-inflated ego, or that the pure form of Jonny’s body made any image undeniably beautiful by definition.
It’s true. Jonny's body was beautiful. His lines sublime. Every second of hard work showed in his physical form: he was literally carved by his determination. He was the master of his craft, a magnificent dancer, an exceptional performer - but it was his inherent self-assurance which made Jonny so utterly captivating.

Many of us waste time berating ourselves, scared of who we are, what we say, how we’re perceived by others. Jonny did no such thing. Jonny was alive. Simply and without apology, completely alive.
Completely Jonny.

Jonny - you were a piece of freedom.
Your influence on my photography, and ultimately my life, has been profound.
You communicated to me - with me - what a perfect image could be. You never tried to impress or control anything. I could shoot you without explanation or restriction. Your freedom became my freedom.
How did you do it?

The answer is so simple.
You brought life to the images by just existing as yourself, and trusting me to do what I love. The love for what I do comes from these instances, to be completely present with you. That I managed to make sure that something was in focus was a fringe benefit.
i am sad you are gone, but more enlightened to have experienced your aliveness and captured your greatness in its truest form.

Jonny, we know you could dance.
But for me you allowed me to explore, without judgement or expectation, both my craft and myself.
A rare quality. A beautiful dancer. And a truly authentic man.

Jonny Ollivier

1977 - 2015

"Forget safety. Live where you fear to live"
- Rumi