Today is valentines day, a day dedicated to love. I'd like to take this opportunity to step away from plastic roses and re-packaged chocolate to talk about beauty.

I think beauty is often confused with aesthetics. Aesthetics are barely anything but shape and light and surely it would be sacrilage to leave one of the most powerful words on the planet in the hands of these simple elements?

How about we try leaving it in the hands of something even simpler, truth.

The thing is, Beauty isn't very good at following, if you let aesthetics run ahead, beauty just can't keep up. However, if you dig for it, pull it through the crowd of distractions and let beauty walk in front, you will find that everything else will calmly follow. Beauty becomes a combination of all the elements visual and spiritual. Effortless.

Last night I recieved an email from a lady who I had recently shot with:

"I despise photos of myself but I look at these and feel.. Well, in the most humble way, I feel wonderful."

It stopped me in my tracks, such simple words but one of the biggest compliments I have ever received.

I think to see how beautiful somebody is at their core is wonderful, but then to show somebody how beautiful they are, so that they can sit there without any ego and understand they bring something special to this planet is...

...well to me it feels important.

so next time you look for beauty, be patient and listen with the hairs on your arms.

Sofi-Jo Bennett

Sofi-Jo Bennett