If you know my work it will be no secret that this man embodies it at every stage.

I cannot thank him enough.

I fucking love him.

Henry Davis

Too many good words to say about this man.

Ashley Bryant

Possibly one of the most infectiously motivated people I have ever met and so talented it makes my head hurt.


Matthew Bourne

Taken whilst shooting for the revival of The Car Man. 

Watch this space for more...


Gareth Aled

The sun popped out for 5 mins today.

Awesome to get out if only briefly.


A very brief visit to London Fashion Week with Jennie Scott

Took about 5 shots, only 2 were keepers. Here's one.

No idea who this gent is but he was kind enough to stop for a portrait and cool enough to make it worth while.

Karen Hauer

Best known for her cooking.

Karen also dances.

Jacqui Biggs

Beautiful, simple and strong.

Jacqui was there at the very start of my photographic journey so it's brilliant to be able to shoot her now I know which way round to hold the camera.

Katie Deacon

After a wonderful day shooting with Katie I couldn't resist sharing this one.

Also, hats off to the brilliant Tahira for her make-up work.